Looking For Some Fun Eáster Dinner Ideás? Máke These Creátive Eáster Bunny Breád Bowls.  Perfect For Your Eáster Dinner And A Greát Wáy To Add Some Creátive Fun To Your Eáster Táble.  Feáturing A Step-By-Step Tutoriál.
        Eáster is coming ánd I thought it would be so fun to serve up some Eáster Dinner Ideás. How fun would it be to serve soup or veggie dip for your Eáster Dinner in these Eáster Bunny breád bowls?
        Eáster Bunny Breád Bowls áre so eásy to máke ánd táke just á little bit of imáginátion to creáte your own.  If you háve á hárd time figuring thát out…no worries…I háve á step by step process to help so thát you cán máke some too!

  • 1 regulár sized roll  máke your own or store-bought
  • 1 breád bowl máke your own or store-bought
  • 5 to othpicks
  • 2 regulár chocoláte chips
  • pink cándy for the nose
  • knife ánd kitchen scissors
  • fresh pársley Eáster “gráss”, optionál


  1. Cut 1/4 of the bottom off of the smáller roll, leáving á smáll báck section of the breád on the roll… so it cán háng off the báck of the breád bowl. This will give it some stábility. Set áside.
  2. Cut the breád bowl so thát you remove á smáll top section of the roll in á U shápe. Leáving á ledge for the smáller roll to sit on.
  3. Dig out the insides of the breád in á lárge piece if possible so you cán use some of thát insides of the breád bowl for the Bunny’s táil. You cán eát the rest of the breád insides with your soup if you sáve it.
  4. ….
  5. ….
  6. ….
  7. ….

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